Issue 23 (1) – 2019

Rzeszów 2019


Kevin R. BUTT and Joanna KOSTECKA
Opinions of English students on the term “ecological violence”

DOI: 10.15584/pjsd.2019.23.1.1

The aim of the study was to learn of student perception for the term “ecological violence”. Data was collected in 2019 from Year 1 undergraduate students at the University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK. A questionnaire survey was used with students following a module concerned with issues in sustainability. Results presented indicate that most students were unsure of the concept but were able to choose a suitable definition. Students were also able to suggest examples that constitute ecological violence, their causes and who is responsible. The results of this work may help to indicate directions of activities necessary in education for sustainable development.

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Fodder value of selected seminatural grasslands of the valuable areas in Miechow upland

DOI: 10.15584/pjsd.2019.23.1.2

Ecosystems of xerothermic grasslands that are not used for agriculture are subjected to secondary succession towards xerothermic shrubs and various forms of the forest. In order to counteract the decline of the area of these habitats, various types of activities are undertaken, including extensive use by grazing animals, mainly sheep. Therefore, it is justified to assess this type of communities in terms of their fodder value. The aim of the study was to assess the xerothermic grasslands sward in terms of the botanical composition, yield and content of basic nutrients. As a result, it was found that the floristic composition of the analyzed vegetation was dominated by Brachypodium pinnatum and Inula ensifolia, which allowed isolation of seperate patches: herbaceous and grassy-herbaceous. That association of Inuletum ensilfoliae is characterized by high species richness, with an average number of species in phytosociological releves from 46 to 63. In that community there were included also 35 protected species. In terms of the obtained dry matter yield, the crops are yielding rather poorly and only a few communities that yielded at the medium level were isolated. In terms of nutrients, the sward of xerothermic grasslands contained low levels of total protein, and only a few samples of plants were characterized by an adequate content of crude fiber.

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Stanisław KNUTELSKI, Adrianna KURYŁO and Emilia KNUTELSKA
Beneficial insects in sustainable development. Beetles and butterfly in treatment

DOI: 10.15584/pjsd.2019.23.1.3

Insects play a key role in ecosystems. Their diverse presence is important for the sustainable development of civilization. Examples of the use of beetles (Coleoptera) and butterflies (Lepidoptera) in treatment are presented. Particular attention has been given to certain biologically active substances that have antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral and anticancer effects.

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Barbara KROCHMAL-MARCZAK, Bernadetta BIENIA, Marta PISAREK and Mariusz WOJTUŃ
Vegetation associated to winter wheat at Haczów commune

DOI: 10.15584/pjsd.2019.23.1.4

The purpose of the work was to determine the species composition and intensity of the presence of plants accompanying winter wheat fields in the Haczów commune, including their role in agrocenosis. Low species diversity of weeds was found, among which dicotyledonous, short-lived plants predominated. The most common were Chenopodium album and Polygonum convolvulus.

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Conservation of thermophilic habitats of marginal lands in the region of Miechowszczyzna and idea of sustainable development

DOI: 10.15584/pjsd.2019.23.1.5
Miechowszczyzna is a typically agricultural region, spreading in the northern part of the Lesser Poland Voivodship. Due to its unique natural values, in this region locate numerous areas of Natura 2000, as well as nature reserves. They include thermophilic plant communities classified into five classes of vegetation, which are habitats of marginal lands, located there in the outskirts of usually small farmlands.

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Agnieszka NIEZGODA
The role of ecological awareness in shaping the image of tourist destinations (exapmle of Puszczykowo)

DOI: 10.15584/pjsd.2019.23.1.6

The image of a place plays an important role in the process of choosing a place to stay and rest tourists. The image can be shaped not only by local authorities and tourist entities, but also by tourists’ opinions, which depend on their attitudes and knowledge, including ecological awareness. The aim of the article is to analyze tourists’ opinions on the Trip Advisor portal, reflecting the image of Puszczykowo (towns with summer traditions). It has been hypothesized that the location of the town in the immediate vicinity of the Wielkopolski National Park attracts tourists with high ecological awareness and this is reflected in their opinions on the portal. The conducted analysis indicated that in the case of Puszczykowo, it cannot be said that tourists in their opinions share the thoughts resulting from practically understood ecological awareness.

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Natural protected areas and forms of ecological education in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship on the example of agroecotourism farms and “Forest school Barbarka”

DOI: 10.15584/pjsd.2019.23.1.7

This article presents data on natural protected areas in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodship as well as forms of ecological education (ecoeducation) provided in educational farms, agritourism farm and forest education centers in this area. In particular, it is based on the example of the “Forest school Barbarka”, as one of the leading ecotourism centers surrounded by forests and protected areas near the city of Toruń.

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Tourism in the Przemęt Landscape Park – what do tourists expect?

DOI: 10.15584/pjsd.2019.23.1.8

Complex fulfillment of the social function is one of the most important goals of the Przemęcki Landscape Park (PPK). The goal of the work was to examine the intensity of tourist traffic in the Park, as well as to determine its natural, cultural and tourist potential. The survey was carried out from June 2014 to May 2015. 6006 respondents were examined. The reason for choosing PPK most frequently indicated by the respondents was the desire to connect with nature. The main purpose of the visit was rest and entertainment. The respondents chose the active form of spending free time, the interest in water and cycling tourism prevailed. The preferred form of entertainment was parties and visits to pubs and clubs. The vast majority of respondents are residents of Wielkopolska. Respondents usually obtained information about PPK via the Internet.

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Volodymyr LYKHOCHVOR and Volodymyr PUSHCHAK
The effect of varied fertilization on the yield and chemical composition of chickpea seed (Cicer arietinum L.)

DOI: 10.15584/pjsd.2019.23.1.9

The researches results on the yield of the chickpea Pamyat (Cicer arietinum L.) in the conditions of sufficient humidity in the Western Forest-Steppe are presented in the article. Results showed that the mass of seeds produced by a single plant increased from 6.97 g on the control to 7.94 g when macro and micro fertilizers were applied, as well as the mass of 1,000 seeds grew from 267.0 g to 286.2 g, respectively. The highest yield of chickpea (3.09 t/ha) was observed when P40K60 + Intermag Legumes + MgSO4 were applied. The fertilizers also affected the amount of proteins in the seeds, which increased to 26.3%, while the amount of ashes decreased from 4.3% to 3.5%. However, the amount of fats and fibres remained stable.

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Joanna KOSTECKA and Agnieszka PODOLAK
The social knowledge of the life cycle concept and its environmental reference

DOI: 10.15584/pjsd.2019.23.1.10

The aim of the study is to present elements of the interpretation of the term “life cycle”; from the basic biological approach, through promoting activities in economic sciences (“product life cycle”), to applications exhibiting pro-environmental activities, to protect ecosystems and their resources (“life cycle assessment” – LCA). Dissemination of the latter concept is important for urgent and effective steps to change the way of thinking and acting in environmental protection. It gives another chance in education for sustainable development. The article also presents the results of the assessment of LCA knowledge in a selected group of entrepreneurs.

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A new approach to environmental resources (links of economic problems and environment protection in the ELA context)

DOI: 10.15584/pjsd.2019.23.1.11

The aim of the study is to present evolution in the valuation of environmental resources, including the term “ecosystem services”. Dissemination of the latter concept is important for urgent and effective steps to change the way of thinking and acting in solving economic and environmental problems. Therefore, it provides another educational opportunity for sustainable development and better understanding, acceptance and respect of the results of the environmental impact assessment (EIA). The publication emphasizes still dominating in people’s way of thinking the displaying of economic values above natural ones and the fact that in this context EIAs are still treated as a factor limiting economic development and civilization progress.

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