Polish Journal for Sustainable Development

Scientific Papers of the South-Eastern Branch of the Polish Society of Ecological Engineering with its seat in Rzeszów and the Polish Soil Science Society Branch in Rzeszów (Zesz. Nauk. PTIE and PTG Oddz. w Rzeszowie) were published as an annual publication in the years 1997-2014. They were created thanks to the research activity of the members of both Societies, as well as thanks to cooperation with research centers in Poland and abroad. They have been promoting sustainable development for a long time by presenting research  environmentally oriented, interpreting their significance for the education of the society in connection with the other levels of this model (social and economic), what was written as the binding direction of development in the Constitution of the Republic of Poland (1997). Following the spirit of the times, seeing the need for further promotion of sustainable development, we changed the name of the Journal to the POLISH JOURNAL for SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT (Pol. J. Sust. Dev.), remaining with the broadly understood nature orientation of publications.

We invite all interested in publishing work in our Journal in both languages: Polish and English, presenting the following directions of research:

1. research on the state of environmental resources, their protection and reclamation,

2. managing the environment in accordance with sustainable development,

3. research on innovative techniques and technologies applied in environmental protection and promoting sustainable development,

4. society education for sustainable development with particular emphasis on biodiversity.

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