Issue 27(1) – 2023

Rzeszów 2023 Articles Krzysztof KASPRZAKForest of remembrance – ecological funeral minimalism DOI: 10.15584/pjsd.2023.27.1.1 The article presents a reflection on ecological burials of the deceased possible in Poland. Funeral ceremonies are an expression of cultural tradition and variously defined personal attitudes, including religious faith, as well as legal and administrative orders. Also in this respect, new […]

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Issue 26(2) – 2022

Rzeszów 2022 Articles Sara CIAPA, Małgorzata ŚLIWKAGreen and blue infrastructure in the urban environment on the example of Kraków DOI: 10.15584/pjsd.2022.26.2.1 The use of elements of green and blue infrastructure in the city is becoming anincreasingly popular solution. The reason for such activities is its “multitasking”, that is theability to solve many problems that intensively […]

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Issue 26(1) – 2022

Rzeszów 2022 Articles Marta GARGAŁA-POLAR, Agata GAJDEK and Ilona KASPRUK“Green” revitalization in the Gorlice historical town DOI: 10.15584/pjsd.2022.26.1.1 In the era of climate change and the need for closer contact with nature for the population of urban agglomerations, modern cities modernize their development strategies, designing new and supplementing existing urban layouts with plant forms. A […]

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Okładka tomu 25-2

Issue 25(2) – 2021

Rzeszów 2021 Articles Piotr ARAST and Anita ZAPAŁOWSKASmall retention in mountain forests of south Poland as an element of water resources protection DOI: 10.15584/pjsd.2021.25.2.1 Conducting retention activities is an effective way to increase the country’s waterresources. Of the European countries, Poland is one of the poorest countries in terms ofwater. They are almost 2.7 times […]

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Okładka tomu 25-1

Issue 25(1) – 2021

Rzeszów 2021 Articles Justyna BELCAR, Grzegorz WITEK, Tomasz SEKUTOWSKI and Józef GORZELANYEffect of leaf fertilization on the quality of the brewery grain from selected common wheat varieties DOI: 10.15584/pjsd.2021.25.1.1 The study assesses the effect of the applied foliar fertilization on the quality parametersof selected wheat cultivars intended for brewing purposes. Foliar fertilization applied toobject A […]

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Issue 24(2) – 2020

Rzeszów 2020 Articles Kornelia KACZMARSKA, Jan GĄSIOR, Bernadeta ALVAREZ and Małgorzata NOWAKFormation of chemical properties of brown soil under the influence of simulated acid rainfall in a lysimeter experiment DOI: 10.15584/pjsd.2020.24.2.1 In natural ecosystems, the soil reaction is stable and related to the habitat conditions. In arable soils used for agricultural purposes, there is a […]

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